About the EMPIRE. Dance, Creativity & Art Direction. 

An open training ground ready to propel Perth’s talent to the Global stage. Empire Creative Studios will be a hub of everything dance and creative; boasting a new home to OEntertainment, Photographers of Perth, Casting Agencies and Musicians. A home where Perth creatives can come together, jam and use the synergy of art to create and grow our creative industries. Not just a dancing school, a whole lot more.  A creative safe space for our Perth talent to learn, grow and develop. We are super excited to see you this year. EMPIRE CS will be a place where all artists of all ages can come and feel welcomed, nurtured, mentored, and supported, given the right tools to let their ideas and dreams soar.

Our Synergies

Empire Creative Studios is an entity home to many different artists and companies, working in synergy to promote and maintain a growing entertainment  arts industry. We would like to thank all of those individuals and corporate companies that come together to mentor, support and promote our vision

1/15 Halley Rd Balcatta WA
+61 08 6460 7388
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